Educational Theorists

This is a list of technological theorist. You may add one if you know of one.

For your project, you can use these or any other that you can relate to technology. These are just listed for your convenience.

Anchored Instruction: John Bransford, Vanderbilt University

Cognitive Flexibility: Rand Spiro

Constructivist Theory: Jean Piaget and Jerome Bruner

Diffusion of Innovations: Rogers

Distributed Cognition: Pea, Salmon, Perkins, Cole, G. Hutchins, Norman

Dual Coding Theory:  Paivio and Mayer

Elaboration Theory: Reigeluth, Ausubel and Jerome Bruner

Experiential Learning: Carl Roger

Multiple Intelligences: Gardner

Script Theory: Schank and Abelson

Situated Cognition: Lave, Brown, Collins, Duguid

Social Constructivism:  Lev Vygotsky

Symbol Systems: Perkins, Globerson

Instructional Theory in Early Elementary Mathematics: S. Papert

Connectivism Seimens

Engagement Theory

Practice of the Learning Organization: Senge

Knowledge Integration Environment:


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Whelan, R. (2005). Instructional technology & theory: A look at past, present & future trends. Instructional  Technology 49, p. 53-64.

  1. tyler faulkner says:

    Jean Piaget

  2. Michele Cunha says:

    I want Multiple Intelligences: Gardner

  3. ginger adams says:

    I want anchored instruction: John bransford, vanderbilt university

  4. Brock Willis says:

    Multiple Intelligences – Gardner

  5. Daniel Andrews says:

    i would like to do multiple intelligences

  6. Tashana Taylor says:

    I want Jerome Bruner.

  7. tyler faulkner says:


  8. Chancy De Priest says:


  9. Kathie Brady says:

    Experimental learning Carl Rogers

  10. Margot Creasman says:

    I would like to do the Engagement Theory!

  11. Mitzi Nelson says:

    multiple intelligences

  12. Will Cripps says:

    engagement theory

  13. Countance Anderson says:

    Engagement Theory

  14. Julie Webb says:

    Social Constructivism – Vygotsky

  15. L. Taylor Wilson says:

    Practice of the Learning Organization: Senge

  16. Julie Webb says:

    Social Constructivism – Vgotsky

  17. Mitzi Nelson says:

    Because there are 4 people doing multiple intelligences I will switch to Social Constructism – Vygotsky

  18. Paul Frazier says:

    Dual Coding Theory: Paivio and Mayer

  19. willie F. Wilson says:

    Instructional Theory in Early Elementary Mathematics

  20. Mallory Akin says:

    Cognitive Flexibility- Rand Spiro

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